Pike food

here you will find all the nice stuff you can serve to pike

7" Streamer "Perch chasing Prey"

7" Streamer "Perch chasing Prey" is noisy & nasty streamer imitating a hunting predator. This will give you the option to fool pikes in a new way! It jerks like crazy and looks like a real fight! You can easily cast it on a 8 weight rod because its tied hollow and ultralight with our super dureable synthetic materials. If you want to fish it silent, no problem! Remove the included rattle from the silicone hose and you are ready! Maybe even a fat perch will kill this bait! Lets see!! 

  • new way to fool lazy predators
  • fish it silent or noisy
  • easy to cast
  • ultralight and hollow tied
  • realistic pattern thats' new to the market
  • nice pike chewing gum
  • imitate something new
  • no copy no crap, the best you can get

14,95 €

8" Streamer "Copper-Paw"

Classic colour pattern for pike, copper, but now tied holow with bucktail and flash only!

Everything is tied on a Partridge of Redditch CS86X Hook. A super strong hook that never gives up!

Fish that pattern in mostly every water you think of finding pike. The flash gives a good visibility even in murky waters!

8" of pure thunder and lightning down there! The head is finished with 8mm eyes and Raidzap to protect everything!

  • nice sparkle
  • dureable head
  • super strong hook
  • 8" of confidence
  • classic pattern tied up in a new way
  • good visibility


8,95 €

  • 5 - 8 Tage Lieferzeit1

6" ultralight Pikefly

Some 6" ultralight heavy UV or non UV coloured pike ticklerz wrapped on some strong Partridge of Redditch bad boy predators in size 4/0 with the strongest GSP worldwide, Nano Silk in 6/0 by Semperfli in black. Body is made of Curly Creature Hair, Curly Creature Dubbing and some nice Flash! Head is made with 8mm glow in the dark eyes and the Raidzap medium and flex red to shape it perfectly!


Cast it and you will love it!


All the streamers are tied fresh after you ordered. 



8,00 €

Have a look how one of our best flies is done

A super topwater lure

Realistic Diving Frog

5" diving frog pattern which behaves like a real frog. Dives while stripping and comes up when you pause it. Lays perfect in the surface! More realistic is nearly not possible!! Tied on high quality hooks by Partridge of Redditch with high quality materials like Semperfli, Flymen Fishing Company's double barrel popperheads and Raidzap Flex UV glue!

Try it and you will love it!!

15,95 €

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