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Realistc Frog Limbz

This is size L and perfect for big pike frogs! Or snakehead, whatever you trigger with a frog! Popper or slider style patterns are more realistic with those legs and arms! 

You can colour them with markers, spray cans, copic ar brush or common airbrush set ups! Its up to you! 

The material is different to what you may know, but its dureable and plays very lively in the water!! 

Now you can tie our realistic frog pattern by your own! 3pairs in one bag!

2 sizes will follow! 

Stay tuned!!


Try it, you will love it!

6,95 €

  • plenty in stock
  • Ships within 3-5 days1

This is the original Curly Creature Dubbing! Best stuff you can get!

Raptorz Curly Creature Dubbing

  • 100% FULL SYNTHETIC !!!! very long, stiffer and extra curly fibers to create an enormus volume for your flies!!
  • pearl shine gives it a nice shimmering effect in the water!!
  • it is a must try for every predator fly tier!
  • it absorbes NO water!
  • it DOESN'T slip in the supporting material at its back!!!
  • it stays in place!!
  • it moves a lot of water!!
  • it is more dureable than ever!
  • brush it after tying it and you will love it!
  • For brushing use our new Streamer Brush for an awesome result



4,50 €

150,00 € / 100 g
  • Ships within 3-5 days1

Build streamers faster than ever! Use our Curly Creature Hair!

Raptorz Curly Creature Hair

  • perfect for pike/perch/zander flies

  • perfect lenght of 24cm

  • holds no water - EASY 2 CAST!

  • super strong material

  • curly texture, easy to create a huge volumed body

  • dureable colours even in saltwater

  • doesn't get matted during fishing

  • easy 2 use even for making your own brushes!

  • all colours are blendable with each other- no limits for new colour-combos!

  • from small to big flies fun to work with

  • fair price



3,59 €

19,95 € / 100 g
  • plenty in stock
  • Ships within 3-5 days1

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