Behr 3D Eyes

glow in the dark

Eyes we can recommend like hell!! Dureable and easy to use!

Behr 3D Fisheyes

RAPTORZ's favourite 3D eyes regarding the price-performance ratio!  

Available from 3-8mm in Black/White & GLOW IN THE DARK and in 8mm in Silver or Red.

Very dureable ones with a medium profile so that you can create a solid resin head afterwards without building up a too massiv head!

Keep your flies ULTRALIGHT!!!

  • 3mm- 154pcs
  • 5mm - 154pcs
  • 6mm - 120pcs
  • 8mm - 72pcs




2,50 €

  • Ships within 3-5 days1

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your advantages

  • high quality baits
  • handmade in germany
  • high quality material
  • high quality hooks
  • salt & freshwater
  • custom orders



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